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LST IN HLYWD breaks into the big musical arena with a new release and completely tear every listener apart with their drive and melancholy. New single "HOWL AT THE MOON" is pure pleasure.

The band combines the raw energy of rock music with the dark and alluring themes of gothic fiction, creating a unique and captivating sound. Fans of both genres will surely be drawn to this mesmerizing and evocative track. The atmosphere of the new single is gothic, gloomy and seems to be drowning in the twilight.

The classic rock influences are clear, but the song also incorporates elements of modern rock and alternative emo music to create a sound that is uniquely its own. "HOWL AT THE MOON" brings a fresh and intriguing twist to the rock music scene. The high notes of Damian Rose are particularly impressive, adding an extra emotion and intensity to the song.

So I play the track "HOWL AT THE MOON" and you will do the same in... three... two... one...

Listen to this and your world will never be the same.


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