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MAGDALENA - Exilium (From the Cyber Thriller Novel "Exilium" by Colin Hadler)

Dear fans of cool music,

I've found something awesome and epic for you: "Exilium (From the Cyber Thriller Novel "Exilium" by Colin Hadler)" by MAGDALENA, steeped in mist and aesthetics. If you need to immerse yourself in the world of dark and rocking music, then turn it on quickly.

Perfect dark synths create an atmosphere of a gloomy dystopian world. The lightness and sensuality of the vocals only intensify the atmosphere. Very cool, and very memorable. Awesome!

P.S. Hey, MAGDALENA! Thank you for creating such unique music that immediately grabs you and fills your heart with new impressions. I adore it! Keep it up!

Your best friend,



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