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Maite Iriarte - Lo Corto de la Vida

Dear music lover,

Do not pass by, there is real sensation! When I first heard "Lo Corto de la Vida" from Maite Iriarte, I was pleasantly surprised and mesmerized - it's so unusual and gentle.

A real sweetness for the ears in pure jazz framed by passionate Spanish. The singer's gentle vocals caress like a light wind, and the saxophone and drums make this track a classic of soul jazz. A real pleasure in playing the subwoofer as if he were singing along with the singer. The ultimate delight!

PS. Hello Maite Iriarte. Thank you for making such great music! He escuchado muchas canciones en español, no reggaetón, no flamenco... y solo la tuya me conmovió.

~ Yours sincerely, SoundVille

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