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Manor Gates - Past Is Past

"Past Is Past," the latest track from artist Manor Gates, is a gem in the world of emo punk music. Every chord is infused with a bold, stylish rock sound that pulls you into its wild, immersive atmosphere.

The track is a perfect blend of drive and intensity, featuring a fresh take on the emo rock sound that might not be appreciated by your neighbors. Laced with melodic emo hooks, spiteful lyrics, math-influenced riffs, and full-force rock rhythms, Columbus, OH's newcomers Manor Gates, have crafted a debut EP primed and ready to be your next earworm. Griffen Holt (vocals, guitar) and Jeremy Hill (drums) wear their emo-rock influences proudly while charting their course into the next wave of emotional journeymen.

Recently rounded out by Matt Silea (bass, vocals), the trio is just getting started and is sure to be your next obsession.

So, I really like to listen to this track so as not to think about pressing problems. Do you want to listen to this track?


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