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Martin Terry - Sandmartin

EP Sandmartin by Martin Terry is a delightful collection of songs that is sure to brighten up your day and fill you with positivity, sensuality, and kindness. The EP exudes a sense of absolute tranquility and ease, perfectly capturing the essence of a beautiful summer day and the gentle breeze that accompanies it.

Martin's personal touch is evident in every track, as he wrote and produced each one with immense care and attention to detail, making the EP truly invaluable. With Martin's music, listeners can expect to feel an overwhelming sense of joy, freedom, and a desire to momentarily escape the chaos of everyday life. This EP is nothing short of a magical antidote to the stresses and anxieties of modern-day living - a true masterpiece that goes by the name of Sandmartin.

When you listen to music that has been created with a musician's soul and inner passion, it instantly becomes intriguing and compels you to share it with the world. Each track on the Sandmartin EP is like a short story, transporting you to a beautiful sunny day on the beach. For me, Sandmartin embodies this feeling perfectly. It's like I've packed my swimming trunks and am already basking on the warm sand, while the track "Sands Of Time" plays in the background. The acoustic guitars create a country-folk vibe, and the vocals evoke a sense of embarking on an exciting adventure.

As an avid fan of acoustic guitars, I can't help but adore the sound on this EP. The notes are juicy, soft, and warm, and I want to get lost in them. On "We're On Our Way" and "Take It From Me," Martin has created an incredibly vulnerable and tender sound, capturing the wonder, freedom and dreams that people experience. The guitars blend together seamlessly, while Martin's voice directs the music towards its intended direction. It's truly a work of art.

As the Sandmartin EP progresses and the listener becomes fully immersed in Martin's musical journey, the artist introduces an absolutely cinematic technique. In the track "Interlude," Martin changes the genre, taking the listener on a detour to uncover a secret hidden beneath the anxious radio voice or an old TV broadcast. The acoustic rhythm morphs into a lo-fi beat, and Martin's extraordinary guitar playing becomes the centerpiece of the song.

This cinematic approach showcases Martin's talents not only as a lyricist but also as the director of his own musical universe. Following this track, the mood shifts to a ballad-like acoustic aria, called "Yasas." The track is deeply personal and intimate, evoking a sense that the artist doesn't want to bring the EP to a close, and as a listener, I don't want it to end either. The backing vocals are palpable, adding to the poignant and melancholic mood of the song.

The Sandmartin EP is an exceptional work of art that combines a unique sound with perfect mood accuracy, showcasing Martin's exceptional ability to create a completely independent musical project.

So, I experienced inspiration and complete peace after listening. And what about you? Turn on EP soon, and you will understand what I'm talking about.


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