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Mcclendon- The Garden

The track "The Garden" by Mcclendon is a dark indie rocking rhythm and a thrilling mood change. Blending heavy indie rock, epic vocal stacks, and analog synth sound design, Mcclendon’s music carefully walks the line of dark and light.

His newest single ‘The Garden’ heralds a shift into new sonic territories for Mcclendon, as the forthcoming debut album ‘The Garden’ pushes his sense of composition, harmony, and structure even further.

Writing and producing his own music has always been top priority for this independent artist. He’s drawn to write honest thoughts about concepts he personally connects with.

Self-producing simply came as a need for survival as a creator, especially for his debut self titled album, which was written and recorded during the Pandemic.

Every artist draws from life experiences to create meaningful music, but Mcclendon hones in on observing and questioning himself and the surrounding world.

So, I was lost in a black and white world. Maybe you will also listen to this track to try a new feeling?


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