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Mermaid - Iridescence

In the sprawling expanse of Los Angeles, where the neon lights cast long shadows on the pavement, Brittany and Candace found themselves entangled in the dark allure of the city's nocturnal embrace. The night became their muse, and the neon-lit streets were the backdrop to their clandestine meetings. It was amidst the low hum of jazz drifting from smoky bars that their paths converged. The city's heartbeat pulsed in sync with their shared desire for something more, something beyond the ordinary. Mermaid, as they called themselves, became the embodiment of a neon noir soundtrack, each lyric and note steeped in the mysterious ambiance of the urban landscape.

Their prowess caught the discerning ears of the industry, notably with the track "Find Me," handpicked by Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes for NPR's prestigious Tiny Desk Concert. This accolade marked their ascent into the limelight, crowned by their victory at the Desk Top Shelf competition. The much-anticipated album, "Iridescence," meticulously produced under the watchful eye of Brittany Campbell, has finally graced our auditory senses. It begins with the intro "Block 37 (Intro)" and then smoothly shapes a unique sound and concept. By blending elements of soul and experimental R&B in tracks like "Purr" and "Broken Silence," stylish modern punk in "Boundaries," and "Disassociate," Mermaid is making a breakthrough in the music industry.

The perfect intro in the track "Curse of The Femmes" divides the album, adding concepts to it and emphasizing the main idea of the entire album. The light soul jazz in "On A Cloud" sounds tender and effortless, as if the soul itself is singing in this track. "Ori Yeye Yo" brings pure R&B, not only highlighting the style and sound of the genre but also adding a touch of uniqueness and Mermaid's style. The final track, "Wanna Be Your Lover," concludes the album on a strong note, literally offering hope and illuminating the way forward. When Mermaid met, they couldn't exist without each other. Coming together on a spiritual level allowed Mermaid to explore new creative perspectives. Every track on their debut album breathes with bright feelings—love, friendship, and a sense of absolute spiritual kinship.

Emphasizing the importance of emotions and feelings, ranging from light and airy to sharp and tumultuous, "Iridescence" gathers different genres. From light soulful R&B to powerful punk rock, all genres, all emotions must be embraced and voiced in this album. The jazz improvisations on the album reflect the flow of emotions and feelings a person experiences when things are good. This album feels like it was created in perfect harmony, carrying that harmony into the world. It's like a true masterpiece capable of breathing life into a fading world. Each track holds a hidden message for the world, and that's precisely why "Iridescence" sounds so effortless, sensual, and diverse right from the first track. The album is a story of how two souls with unique perspectives, perhaps with different characters, sounds, and styles, merge in one release in complete harmony, bringing their own uniqueness and incomparability to the world of music. It's as if each half contains something that complements the other, assembling like puzzle pieces into a greater picture.

So, I am absolutely amazed and shocked by the album "Iridescence". It's as if I felt a new life in the pop R&B genre. Starting off seemingly familiar, with stunning R&B motifs, I was impressed by Mermaid's ability to go beyond, surprise, and showcase creativity. The 13 tracks on the album sound unique, none alike. Each track has its own story, its own motif, mood, and soul. That's what makes the album "Iridescence" so special and beautiful. I genuinely recommend everyone to listen to this album, and you'll feel your heart starting to sing to the rhythms of "Iridescence".

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