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Mzzltvv - Burning Bones

Dear lover of cool dance tracks,

I promise you that you will be energized with an unbelievable energy from the track "Burning Bones" by Mzzltvv. It's a fabulous pumping pop track that gives you goosebumps and makes it impossible to stay in place.

Move to the rhythm and follow the music when "Burning Bones" plays. Commercial and stylish, it's a perfect addition to your collection of tracks that will make you want to completely disconnect from the world around you. Turn it up louder! Have you done that yet?

P.S. Hey Mzzltvv! Thank you for releasing such great music that makes the heart skip a beat. Astonishing production, crystal clear sound, and an excellent beat that really catches. Love it! I'm your fan 100%.

Your best friend, SoundVille


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