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Nosebora - Sink Your Teeth In...

The track 'Sink Your Teeth In... ' by Nosebora illustrates the overall theme of the album which covers various aspects of toxic relationships and difficult conversations that many people may experience in a relationship.

Nosebora is the independently produced alternative-rock project from artist Aaron Robeson. Although Robeson had been writing and recording songs for many years prior — In 2012 he began releasing his recordings online and forming a listener base. After a military career and moving numerous times around the country, Robeson released his debut album, Unfinished Rooms (2017). Before releasing his second full-length album, ALRIGHT (2021), Robeson decided to stop releasing music under his own name and adopt the artist name Nosebora.

The intangible lightness and simplicity in every sound makes the heart flicker unstoppably. Every time you take a walk in company or revel in solitude, this track will brighten your day.


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