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Noy - Sometimes

NYC based singer-songwriter Noy premiered her new single and music video. “Sometimes” is the first song off of her upcoming EP, co-written and produced by Tim Atlas.

The vibrant, colorful video, set in upstate New York, creates a fun and empowering feeling that perfectly mirrors the energy of the track, celebrating the inevitable uncertainty of everyday life. Noy is an emerging artist who has a unique soulful sound blending pop, R&B, and alternative music together. Her empowering, relatable lyrics and dynamic production have garnered her a dedicated following. Her upcoming EP, promises to be an exciting follow up to her debut album “Running From the Shadows.

"Sometimes" speaks to the struggles of trying to stay focused in a world that moves in such high-speed. Noy's captivating vocals and Tim's innovative production style come together seamlessly to create a dynamic song that is both catchy and thought-provoking, leaving listeners feeling energized.

So, I'm already dancing. And you?


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