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Picture Albums by goodkitty

Dear listener and reader, in art and music, we often find inspiration in the life stories of those who choose to follow their hearts. In this context, goodkitty, which is a musical project by Katie Colt, becomes a vivid example of how genuine passions, if followed, can lead to exciting events. Since her teenage years, goodkitty has been writing songs, but as a pianist and vocalist, she hesitated to share her creations with the world. The shadow of uncertainty and fear kept her away from performing her own music. However, the inner flame of creativity never extinguished. The time of the pandemic became a period of decision-making and change for goodkitty. Putting everything on hold, she reevaluated her life and took on the challenge of self-production, learning to play the guitar. With the support of her friend and producer Andrew Arbetter, this bold step turned into the beginning of an amazing journey that led goodkitty to release her debut EP, "Picture Albums."

The EP will be available on all digital platforms on February 9, and it will make a splash! I had the opportunity to listen to the EP in advance, and I can't help but share the exciting news with you... You will be delighted! The EP "Picture Albums" is an embodiment of strength of spirit and determination. In every note, in every word, goodkitty's personal ascent is embedded. In a world where music is the language of emotions, goodkitty's talent stands out brightly among a multitude of stars. This is evident from the first track, "Red," where a light dreaminess and sensuality resonate, and goodkitty's voice flutters like a butterfly amid warm and expansive instruments. But in the subsequent tracks, heavy guitars and the power of the music gain momentum. The track "Sabrina" is a vivid experiment where light electronics, pop sounds, and heavy guitars merge in a dance, inviting you into the world of personal emotions. In the debut EP "Picture Albums," vocals, piano, powerful rock guitars, and production mastery blend seamlessly, transcending the boundaries of a single genre. In the track "Ready To Grow," the tender piano and goodkitty's sensual voice create a wide and open space that completely captures attention. This acoustic aria touches the heart and brings a lump to the throat. I must admit, this is my favorite track because of the stunning harmonies and emotional delivery by goodkitty. Absolutely amazing! The album concludes with the gentle pop song "Holding On To You," adding a light carefreeness, courage, and freedom to the release. It's the perfect ending to the love story and memories that become almost palpable throughout the EP.

Possibly, no other singer has been able to convey the profound melancholy of queer love, the power of breaking away from the toxicity of the past, and the sincere quest for inner strength for growth as precisely as goodkitty has. Emotionally rich lyrics, enchanting melodies, and powerful instruments create a unique sound. Each song becomes a thread, connecting goodkitty's personal experiences with the listener's own. I appreciate that goodkitty isn't afraid to express her emotions, and her sincerity acts as a magnet, drawing the listener into her world. goodkitty's debut release, "Picture Albums," is a recollection of love, of those who were there in difficult moments. It's about those who inspired growth and provided support in the most challenging situations. Each track is like a business card in this amazing world where love and spiritual strength become the driving forces of life. goodkitty's story is about how pursuing one's dreams can lead to incredible results. And remember, the release date of this captivating EP, "Picture Albums," is February 9th. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of exceptional talent and deep emotions with goodkitty.

So, goodkitty, thank you for setting such a delightful example for the world and creating such a sensual, unique, and high-quality music! I listened to the EP and was absolutely thrilled with the sound, concept, lyrics, and your voice - it's incomparable! I wish everyone on the planet could discover your EP because artists like you are the ones shaping the world, and that's incredibly valuable. I'll be telling all my friends to listen to the album on the release day, and I'll be recommending it to everyone. Oh, I'm just ecstatic!

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