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Pineapple Kid - This Is For The Ones

The track "This Is For The Ones" by Pineapple Kid is a great pop acoustic release that you want to listen to for hours.

Pineapple Kid gives you a sneak peek into the mind of Roy- Victor Seriese. Layer by layer, he takes listeners on a stimulating adventure towards his vulnerable core. The single is "This Is For The Ones" a harmonious work that will firmly take its place on the radio and in the hit parades.

Armed with catchy melodies, big drum sounds, melancholic guitars and tasteful electronics, the multi-instrumentalist takes you on an auditory adventure, battling against imaginary dragons. With a backpack full of heartfelt lyrics, Pineapple Kid looks for connection through shared vulnerability. All of this mixed with influences from John Mayer, Coldplay and Nothing But Thieves; among others, results in dark pop with a hopeful edge.

So, I've already added to my playlist, but you haven't yet? You know, don't waste your chance! Listen to the track and you will like it! I promise.


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