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PJ Ferguson & The Tennessee Strange - I'll Be Me

Dear pop rock lover,

I've found an electrifying and groovy track for you: "I'll Be Me" by PJ Ferguson & The Tennessee Strange. It blends synth sound with commercial vocals and a touch of light funk. It's a real experiment with an incredible array of influences!

I love how the track sounds so cool, reminding me simultaneously of musicals, pop rock, David Bowie, and, oh my God, disco, yodeling? I can't wrap my head around the full palette of sounds, but it's impeccably stylish and hooks me so much. I adore it!

P.S. Hey PJ Ferguson & The Tennessee Strange! Thank you for creating such unique music, following your heart, and making a unique sound. I love it and want more! Incredibly stylish.

Your best friend, SoundVille


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