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Poetry (for the scorned and lonely) by Mary Middlefield

Dear listener of personal, profound, and emotional EPs. Today, I want to tell you about Mary Middlefield and her new EP "Poetry (for the scorned and lonely)." But let me digress a bit from the topic. Have you ever been in toxic relationships, feeling like there are topics you can't even discuss with your closest ones? Perhaps fear, misunderstanding, the dread of judgment held you back, leaving all the anxious feelings deep inside? Are you ready to heal and realize that you're not alone? You see, Mary Middlefield in her new EP addresses challenging yet incredibly important themes. This work is intended for those familiar with the weight of loneliness, those who have endured betrayal, violence, and disappointment, yet still seek light at the end of the tunnel. Creating such an EP seems to me a very bold and important step. Through 8 tracks, Mary Middlefield calmly unveils all the cards and assists those in need of healing from fears and memories. In each track, she explores aspects of relationships that often remain behind the scenes: the pain, fear, and isolation that accompany violence and loneliness. Mary Middlefield, like the best friend, will guide everyone through the darkness to the light, where every step feels heavy but necessary.

I think Mary Middlefield delves into topics that many would shy away from. Her courage to express suffering and struggle through music is an act of personal bravery. And I suggest not waiting any longer, but starting to listen from the track "Sexless". You'll immediately be captivated by the vibrant rhythm, Middlefield's flawless vocals, which dispel any gloom. Mary Middlefield often turns to fast rhythms and vibrant arrangements to enhance the impact. In the track "Atlantis", melancholy and pain are only hinted at in a light haze and occasionally in the endings of Middlefield's phrases. Then in "Heart's Desire", the heart tightens from the tender and soothing vocals. I like how in this track she seems to be addressing something dark in the soul for the first time. Goosebumps ran down my spine when the track's structure twisted and completely transformed. It seemed to me that through such a stylish and unusual structure, Mary Middlefield brings fears to the surface so that everyone can let them go. To calm an anxious heart, the track "Love me, Love me not?" sounds like solace. Light and gentle, with a faint folk touch of nostalgia for the past, this track becomes my favorite because of its atmosphere. It's as if a soft warm haze has descended around, and the strings' shimmer reminds me of a gentle breeze. Incredibly aesthetic and cinematic track. In "Young and Dumb", the almost indie-rock atmosphere returns, seasoned with darkness and melancholy. The incredible atmospheric track with bright rock riffs creates the feeling of a movie unfolding in the mind. So great!

Raising such painful issues as violence in relationships, Mary Middlefield always provides a unique space for reflection and healing. Thus, the final "Poetry," performed in the best traditions of dream pop sound, exudes incredible warmth and light. Each chord is infused with warmth, love, yet with a bitter taste of experiences. It's precisely because of such expansive feelings, felt with the heart and soul during listening, that the singer's music is perceived very personally. Don't you feel it too?.. Mary Middlefield's courage to speak about such complex matters is a reminder that art doesn't always have to be comforting or conventionally beautiful. Sometimes its purpose is to shake, awaken, evoke painful but necessary feelings for growth and healing. The EP "Poetry (for the scorned and lonely)" serves as a message for the lonely, the rejected, and those stuck in the past, reminding them that they are not alone in their trials.

So, Mary Middlefield, listening to your EP, I completely disconnected from the world. I experienced an inner uplift, then relaxation, dreaminess, sadness, and ultimately felt a hypnotic sensation of dizziness. You manage to create a very deep and personal sound that immediately sends shivers down the spine. I adore your voice and timbre! I believe you put a lot of effort, your own feelings, and emotions into this release, which is why it turned out so stunning. To be honest, I love melancholic tracks, but in yours, I heard a completely different form of sadness. You blend this feeling with fog, dawn, and warmth. That's how it seemed to me after listening. Oh, thank you for such beautiful, sensuous, and tender music! I'll show it to all my friends, let them also experience this feeling. Adore it!

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