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Portraits & Tales - Suddenly

The pop-rock band Portraits & Tales (Alvaro, Malin and Jyrki) soothes with their latest release, which flows like a waterfall into the depths of the soul. The incredible harmony of their new single, "Suddenly," envelops listeners in a high-quality and fresh sound.

A universe of country-folk rock music emerges as these musicians merge to create a sound that is truly unique. The kind of sound that captivates listeners from beginning to end - soulful, beautiful, and light. I simply cannot deny this addiction that has taken hold of me. The haunting melodies and intricate harmonies of Portraits & Tales music echo through my mind with a sweet persistence that I cannot shake.

Portraits & Tales have found a crossover point between several genres (yes, there's a luscious guitar solo), and in this space, country folk guitars sound with a classic rock twist, and two vocals merge into an unusual sound. Alvaro's hoarseness gives the track a sense of hardness and rebelliousness, while Malin's vocals are light as the wind, creating an absolutely stunning combination. Portraits & Tales is the perfect sound that begs to be listened to again and again.

I have to congratulate myself!

I can't stop listening to "Suddenly," for the fifth time.

Wait, what about you? Aren't you listening?

Give it a listen, and I guarantee it'll hook you in, my friend!


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