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Qualicum by Let's Trip

Dear listener and reader, today we are in for something absolutely incredible, bold, insane, and utterly authentic. We will be listening, loving, and tripping out to the cross-genre debut album "Qualicum" by the duo Jacob Krizmer and tiko raspy, who have joined forces under the name Let's Trip. You won't find any standard patterns here, typical mainstream hooks. Here, there's only drive, strength, raw emotions, sharp guitars, and a blend of indie with hip hop, gentle string picking with venomous bass. The group's debut album captures the essence of contemporary nature, reflecting the landscapes of modern forests, cities, and the human heart in 2024. Let's take a look behind the scenes of creating the 15 tracks from the album. Let's Trip rented a cabin in the Canadian woods, escaped from the world, became hermits for a few days to absorb all the power of music and record the album. It's a pure trip, art-house, and creative freedom that reflects the evolution of genres and tastes of the world, which change from year to year.

In the album, you will hear a blend of indie grunge with trippy hip hop, dubstep with recitative transitioning into powerful alternative rock. Trying to define the genre of the album "Qualicum" is like trying to understand what's going on in your neighbor's head. You sort of understand what and how, but still rely on your own feelings and intuition. So it is with the album "Qualicum." A powerful debut from Let's Trip, who grew up with music, absorbed numerous genres, mastered playing instruments in different styles, and thanks to this, they managed to reflect the moods of an entire generation in 15 tracks. Oh, I'm ecstatic from the beginning of the album with the track "The End Pt. II." No, dude, forget everything you've listened to before. Firstly, the first track is part two, and what started as light indie flowed into powerful semi-funk-semi-alt-hip-hop, which is absolutely incredible. Then, "Bang Bang!" is a rocking synthrock track, absolutely cyberpunk, with stretched vocals to make you nod your head in rhythm and connect with the lyrics. I love the flawless guitars in the track "Don't Be Long". The soft sway of the sound, light play, and then the beat with vocals completely break the sound to bits, creating a new genre. You understand, the album "Qualicum" needs to be felt, disconnected from, and immersed in the sound, just as Let's Trip did when recording the album.

It's a complex track, overflowing with emotions, complex harmonies, and just incredible mixing work. I think this is the epitome of how modern ballads should sound, ones that make you want to cry at night and bite your pillow. You know, Let's Trip's mastery unfolds in a new light in the track "neverMIND". The aggression, style, pixelated keys, rocking rhythm, underscore the fiery power and passion of Let's Trip, who are ready to break down walls and barriers. I love the progressive structure with dialogues in the track "So It Goes", adding cinematic flair and juicy aesthetics to the track, while in "Cake!", the atmosphere leans towards a children's counting song, transitioning into a juicy hip-hop vibe. You know, friends, this is my favorite track. With the gentle flow of sound, intricate transitions, and a constantly murmuring soft vocal in the left channel. Haha, that was unexpected, like thoughts in the head! The album concludes with the track "The Next One." It's the perfect ending, where Let's Trip bring together the entire story, all the experience, and all the sound that accompanied the album. It's a stunning track, with a new rhythmic pattern, style, and grooves. Absolutely incredible!

So, Let's Trip, thank you for releasing such a modern, stylish album that showcases music in a new light and how it should sound. There was something very personal in the sound, something unifying. At some point, I felt like being in your studio, just chilling out to your music. I enjoyed simply listening and vibing out. The sense of freedom and inner strength it gave me was incredibly inspiring. I'll definitely show your album to my friends, let them finally listen to some real cool music. You guys are just fire!

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