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RBLN, an electronic music producer, has released his captivating collection of tracks titled "STARRY EYED." Within these 8 tracks, he assembles landscapes of bright waves of electronic sound, dance rhythms, dark harmonies, and tense textured motifs. "STARRY EYED" is a compilation of remarkable tracks that birth a story and immerse you in RBLN's musical world. It's as if RBLN creates a cosmos of enticing and textured motifs with a touch of dark waves and sensual rhythms.

RBLN begins the dive into the album's journey with the title track, "STARRY EYED." This slow composition features a seductive, enticing booming rhythm, soft synth pads, and deep vocals. Meanwhile, in the track "FOUL," it seems to adhere to a predetermined rhyme and motif, and the unique and rhythmic vocals immediately establish the tempo. A subtle experimental element adds a touch of metallic flavor to the sound of "FOUL." I felt as though I had entered a cyberpunk world where it's always raining. Neon lights in the darkness, a hint of dystopia, and the promise of an unforgettable party make this album exceptional.

The perfect electro-synth experiment in the track "DO YOU FEEL IT?" is truly captivating. The ethereal vocals induce a hypnotic feeling, while the slowly unfolding rhythm immediately plunges you into the depths of space or the strangest of evenings. The track "AFTER MIDNIGHT" kickstarts the perfect dance night. Its danceable rhythm, resonant echo, and synth pads, tender like an embrace, give the track a special romantic wave. Before the listener's eyes, the most beautiful love story on the dance floor unfolds. Perfectly done.

I'd like to highlight the tracks "CHASE SCENE" and "SILENCE." In "CHASE SCENE," the musician reaches the highest levels of sound craftsmanship. It's here that the artist's unique style, finely tuned to the smallest details, shines through. You'll want to close your eyes and fully immerse yourself in the stylish and trendy dance. The album concludes with "SILENCE." The gentle ambient beginning creates a sense of immersion into the heart of electronic music, while the experimental rhythm takes you deep into the artist's creative core. This track is a true gem on the compilation, as it combines all the best elements of RBLN's music with enticing musical patterns and textured arrangement.

This album collection truly brings a fresh sound to the electronic music landscape. RBLN skillfully merges vibrant dance beats with a unique dark sound, creating an unparalleled atmosphere. RBLN has a unique talent for creating music that sparks a revolution, changes musical standards, and lingers in memory for a long time.

So, hello RBLN! When I first heard your single "Empty Head," to be honest, I listened to it for a long time, and the melody stayed with me. Even after some time has passed, without replaying the track, I can still hum that tune. And now, listening to your new release, I feel like I'll be reminiscing and replaying it for months once again. I'm truly impressed and thoroughly enjoying your mysterious and distinctive sound. It was outstanding!


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