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Ritual Club - Running low

Ritual Club, an emo band from Austin, Texas, has released a new single, "Running low", which has combined the disparate elements and textures of various genres of alternative rock.

Their music takes listeners on a dynamic and energetic journey that resembles the rollercoaster the last few years have been. Singer Michael Hancock describes finding himself often “writing songs about the lack of self-love to find self-love”. This new record is no exception, reflecting on poor choices, complacency, and coping in regrettable ways.

The band's 2019 debut EP “Homecoming” brings plenty of twinkling emo riffs and delivers them through a high-gain lens. Despite the years that followed bringing the world to a near screeching halt, the band, refocused and re-inspired, wrote a handful of new songs and hit the studio in 2022. The resulting EP, Running Low, is available everywhere now through Best Life Records (UK) & Really Rad Records (USA). The shockwave of pop punk will overwhelm you.

So, are you ready to take off?


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