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Romain DBE - Paradise

Dear Music Lover, I want to share my inspiration with you. This is a strong inspiration that creates a desire not only to create but also to dance recklessly and seize every moment of life. The track 'Paradise' from the talented French hip-hop artist Romain DBE evoked this amazing state of mind.

If your passion is sexy beats, lush harmonies, and amazing hip-hop sound inspired by fashion trends, then this track will win you over.

Rocking beats, an amazing background with haunting voices that illuminate the air with vibrant new colors.

I'm honestly in awe of how the track 'Paradise' combines various hip-hop genres to create a strong and energetic wave of wild vibes. When listening to Romain DBE's track, you feel like you're transported to the club, and dancing during your best night. Simply gorgeous. Listen and dance!

P.S. Romain DBE, your track 'Paradise' is a real banger. I absolutely adore it. thank you!

~ Yours sincerely, SoundVille


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