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Rose Starring - Violently Sad

Dear listener of bright, acoustic pop music,

Today, I want to share with you the track "Violently Sad" by Rose Starring, which, with its light and perfect sound, gets into your soul and turns everything upside down. You know, it's like being on the shore of a raging sea, wrapped up in a warm plaid.

As if a light melancholy is flowing through the perfect violins, and the singer's light and warm vocals warm and give you hope. This track is so perfect that it's hard to keep your emotions in check when the main vocals are joined by a lot of backing tracks. Oh, goosebumps!

P.S. Hey, Rose Starring! Thank you for releasing such sensual music that hooks and stays in the mind immediately. This is so cool. I want to listen to your track on repeat. It's perfect!

~ Yours sincerely,



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