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Scott Lippitt x Josaleigh Pollett - Is This a Good Time?

Dear listener of indie rock tracks,

Get ready because I've found the perfect laid-back, elongated, sweet, and dreamy track "Is This a Good Time?" by Scott Lippitt x Josaleigh Pollett just for you. These folks know how the perfect pop-rock sound should be, with a sprinkle of modern experiments.

The perfect duo complementing each other, light voices blending together to form that sound that just grabs you. I love the unhurried rhythm, don't you? I appreciate it when rock music begins to morph and reflect contemporary trends. And Scott Lippitt x Josaleigh Pollett, they know how to do it cool!

P.S. Hey, Scott Lippitt x Josaleigh Pollett! Thank you for creating such perfect music. You follow your heart and your sound, and please never stop! You guys are unbelievably awesome!

~ Yours sincerely



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