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Sekond Skyn - Letting Go

Sekond Skyn, a rock metal band from Forked River, New Jersey, has suddenly captured attention with their latest album "Letting Go." Allow me to introduce you to the heroes of this fiery sound right away.

Featuring Jesse Shar on lead vocals and harmonica, Mark Monjoy on rhythm, lead, and acoustic guitars, Zack Miranowic on lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitars, electric ukulele, and keyboards, Brian Jennings on bass, and Tommy Spano on drums, percussion, and backing vocals.

The band made their debut with the album "Let The Fire Burn" in 2006. Then, in 2009, the world heard "Addicted to Chaos," which featured a delicate blend of metal and rock, complemented by powerful vocals that transitioned from screams and growls to classic, voluminous rock notes. It was as if they were experimenting with heavier sounds and testing their resilience. In 2014, they released the EP "Quicksand." And now, almost 10 years later, Sekond Skyn is back with a fresh infusion of rock metal sound. The growth of the band is evident. Compared to their first releases, the sound has become more voluminous, refined, and it feels as if the musicians are playing for the listener and only for them. Besides the elevated sound production, Sekond Skyn has poured their hearts into the lyrics and the album's concept. Powerful riffs, groovy guitars, flawless production, catchy harmonies, and energy make "Letting Go" the epitome of Sekond Skyn's sound.

What truly makes "Letting Go" remarkable is how Sekond Skyn pushes the traditional boundaries of the rock industry. Powerful metal riffs coexist with lyrical themes that touch on inner demons, attempts to break free from the confines of time and uncontrollable situations. For example, the track "My Head" starts with a soul-crushing rhythm section and transitions into impeccable rock metal sound capable of shattering the heart into pieces. Following the volcanic ocean of hard sound in tracks "In Vein" and "Small," "Runnin'" offers a pause, delving into slow sounds while retaining their unique heaviness. I would say this breather is necessary to underscore the conceptual depth, sonic diversity, and the band's ability to create such varied rock music.

When you look at the cover of "Letting Go," you'll see black with a skeleton holding a bloody heart. This image symbolizes the passion and aggression in their rock music, seasoned with pain, melancholy, and passion, radiating from the red heart. Tackling painful themes in textured rock, the musicians shock with the track "Wounds." It's incredible how Sekond Skyn balances within their rock world, maintaining their texture, almost palpable sensuality, and passion.

Yes, dear listener, passion, sex, rock and roll, grunge, embraces, and love – that's what "Letting Go" is all about. In tracks "40 Year Lie" and "Down to It," the band don't just play rock music; they pour their hearts into it, and it's evident in every note. The song lyrics possess incredible power, especially in "Down to It," making me pause, reflect, and my heart bleed.

I don't know how I survived this incredible album's sound and can still think, because all I wanted after "Hold On" was to turn up my speakers and start the album from the beginning, sing, dance, and immerse myself in the sound – or maybe search online for where these guys will perform soon. "Hold On" became the final drop. Slow, romantic, killing any remnants of self-control, it made me a devoted Sekond Skyn fan. It's as if Sekond Skyn doesn't want to say goodbye (or if you wanted to make an even greater impact, completely shatter all feelings and gift bliss from the sound – you succeeded, guys!). I also don't want to realize that the new release has come to an end. Overflowing with deep sadness and fire, the album "Letting Go" is structured so that every listener experiences a true shock.

So, guys from Sekond Skyn, thank you for such flawless music! I listened to your first albums, and "Letting Go" is just me hearing how you pour your souls into what you do. In your hands, there is the fiery power of rock, and I want to hear more from you on stage. I don't know how to contain my emotions because what you do allowed me to experience new feelings, find in your sound what touched me, and it will forever live in my heart. I am sincerely your fan and adding you to my collection. Hehe.


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