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Smallpools - Motorbike (Wild Ones)

Dear listener of alt pop tracks,

I've found the perfect track for you, one that creates the sensation of carefree partying and complete detachment. "Motorbike (Wild Ones)" by Smallpools is a true delight, a style, and an exemplar of a commercial track.

I adore the flawless vocals, vibrant rhythm, light synth keys, and perfect drive. You know, like in a music video, suddenly the surrounding space turns into a club, and everyone around (including you) is dancing while the band performs on stage. That's exactly how "Motorbike (Wild Ones)" feels. So cool!

P.S. Hey, Smallpools! Thank you for releasing such perfect tracks that offer a moment of fantasy, detachment, and complete immersion in sound in this noisy and fast-paced world. Your music is a lifesaver, it's incredibly precious. Love it!

~ Yours sincerely,



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