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St. Humain - Wanna Talk

St. Humain is a genre-agnostic artist born in Singapore and based in Australia, whose colourful upbringing infuses his sound with a vibrancy like no other.

'Wanna Talk' is the focus single off St. Humain's new EP 'METADRAMATIC'. An upbeat track with a light bouncy groove, highlighting the troubles when it comes to talking to someone you're interested in. Highlighting a self-deprecating realism of how difficult talking to someone you have a thing for, the self- written and self-produced "Wanna Talk" ironically contrasts it with being completely comfortable performing on stage to thousands.

Hoping to inspire listeners to be true to their own feelings, St. Humain reveals, "I think it's very cool to confess at least to yourself what you're actually feeling. I think that gives you a level of freedom and helps you somehow gain confidence just to be yourself. And to identify the negative feelings too, I think that's the first step on the way to overcoming them. So let's hear what St. Humain creates!


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