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Subway Rat - Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

Dear listener of amazing music! Today is the day when you will learn about Subway Rat, who is dedicated to his craft, feels the music with all his heart, and infuses a piece of his soul into every chord. You will hear this and feel it as you tune into Subway Rat's debut album, 'Stand Clear of the Closing Doors.' Subway Rat is the pseudonym of David Polanco from New York, who has devoted himself entirely to creating music. His album, consisting of 12 tracks, brings together several eras of music and a multitude of genres. It encompasses otherworldly and experimental harmonies, raw grunge, gritty and alternative rock, hip hop, and pop.

Like a combination weaving several stories into one, Subway Rat's music births new meanings and perspectives within the music industry. I dare say, Subway Rat doesn't just create music he loves, he's reshaping the entire industry. He charges ahead with a sometimes raw, sometimes overly experimental, or melancholic sound. It's this dedication to his craft, his unique sound, and approach that makes Subway Rat one of my favorites in the alt indie scene. His debut album, 'Stand Clear of the Closing Doors,' opened doors to a vast musical world for him, and I absolutely want you to listen to this album with me. Feel the spirit of gritty New York beats and New Jersey pop music, let the stunning rock guitars and grunge vocals infused with a hint of industrial and sound experiments seep into your soul. Conceptually, the debut album 'Stand Clear of the Closing Doors' portrays the protagonist's longing for a beloved who shattered his heart. Despite such a heavy undertone, Subway Rat managed to deeply embed the pain within each sound, and only by subconsciously and fully immersing oneself in the music can one feel that infinite ache from unrequited love. Oh, I can't wait! The inner world and the sensation of Subway Rat manifest in the first track 'Tell Me What To Do.' The fusion of pop rhythms, sensual and warm beats with harsh and tough vocals and ringing rock guitars expose Subway Rat's pain.

These are pure emotions, a powerful sound, and a genuine immersion into an art that knows no boundaries. In 'Rendezvous,' the album's lead single, it's as if perfect pop-rock merges with a sensual hip-hop beat, while light and airy vocals float above the melody, guiding it forward and truly touching the soul. Then Subway Rat executes a conceptual revolution. From this moment on, each track will not resemble the previous one. 'Tomorrow' is a bright and amazing pop dance track seemingly designed to transport us into a world of vibrant lights and endless immersion in the realm of pop synth sounds. In the track 'Espresso Martini,' the perfect bass guitar accompanied by a resonant beat reigns supreme over everything. It's as if night has descended upon the world, leaving only a sincere soul and Subway Rat's inner world, striving to find peace within and carve out its place in a harsh reality. My heartfelt favorite became the track 'I Guess I'm Wrong,' where I split the guitar into two channels, highlighting Subway Rat's powerful and sensual vocal sound. The fast-paced melody and melancholic lyrics grip and linger in the mind for a long time. The album concludes with 'Don't Answer Me' and 'LMK,' leaving a powerful ellipsis, laying the foundation for future releases far ahead. The resonant and vivid track 'Don't Answer Me' with its memorable rhythm and powerful lyrics smoothly transitions into the climax of 'LMK.' The ease of the guitar and vocals is striking, splitting into voices and creating an atmosphere of pure experimentation. Oh, it was an unforgettable journey!

So, Subway Rat, I felt that 'Stand Clear of the Closing Doors' is an open book of your soul, heart, and experiences. I appreciate this and treasure it dearly! Genuine emotions, a pure and sincere release that leaves only the coolest sensations. I was charged with great energy after listening, feeling like I can move mountains now. I love your style, diverse and unique, the excellent sound adds brilliance to the music, which I really admire. Thank you for creating such unique music that captivates and makes the heart beat. It was your music that made me realize that one should always follow the call of their heart, stay true to themselves, and do what feels right. That's the real recipe for success!

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