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Summer Chart: The Most Popular Songs of Summer 2023

Get ready, friends! Because SoundVille and Voxwave Magazine are joining forces to give you, our beloved artists, unforgettable experiences.

Summer is coming to an end, but we are determined to find out which track will become the ultimate hit of the past summer. That's why we're launching the Voting, and the winners will receive special rewards from SoundVille and Voxwave Magazine.

Right now, we're kicking off the CHART VOTING to select the most popular tracks of summer 2023!


1st place: Interview on SoundVille + Voxwave Magazine music review + playlist cover

2nd place: Voxwave Magazine music review + playlist

3rd place: Voxwave Magazine fashion review + playlist

4th -10th place: TikTok + playlist

10th - 20th place: playlist

Oh, we are eagerly awaiting the results and can't wait to discover which tracks will light up this summer!

Listen to the best songs of August in the playlist and vote for your favorite song!

Voting will last for 3 days, and during these three days, we will unveil the 20 songs that have become listeners' favorites.


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