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Dear listener, I experienced inspiration and a true wave of energy when I first heard DOGDAD. His debut album dropped today, and it feels to me like it's capable of changing something significant in the music industry. DOGDAD, based in Texas, delivers rather heavy music, blending emo-core, psychedelic punk, and his vocals transition from punk-infused emotions to screaming. His debut album, "SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY," merges these genres and vocal styles to awaken each listener from their familiar world. Yes, to some, the music on the album might seem quite aggressive, complex, or experimental, but friends, that's precisely the point. Just listen! Let DOGDAD's music into your mind and let it take control for the next 7 tracks.

DOGDAD sometimes creates an uncomfortable sound to pull you out of the grey mass of monotonous days. You'll experience this right from the first track, "Hands on a Hardbody." The perfect arrangement with heavy guitars and a fast tempo will seep into your veins slowly, like poison. But don't worry, by the tracks "Dewar's Good Time" and "Know Me Better," you'll feel how DOGDAD's distinct sound merges with your essence. That's exactly what happened to me. I immediately understood that within the "SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY" lies a very potent force and a message for the world. Tracks like "Hospice" and "The Orchard" will ultimately rid you of anything that might have held you back. The guitars literally growl and howl, while the vocal lines in the track "Ouroboros" shatter all conceivable and inconceivable boundaries. The same feeling doesn't leave me when the track "Swan Dive Pity Party" begins, however, this track holds a special place in my heart. Right here is where the events unfold that DOGDAD had been preparing us for throughout the entire album. It seems to me that the change in rhythm, mood, and breathtaking sound is crafted to make you truly feel the excitement.

DOGDAD maintains a black-and-white color scheme, which has become his signature for me. It's an unrestrained, strong, and powerful album, capable of unleashing a war within the soul and setting free all pent-up emotions. Perhaps, it's not just about listening to the album, it's about living through it. How? Shut yourself in a room, turn off the lights, and listen, my friend, just listen. Try to delve into the changes in DOGDAD's voice. It alters in tone, intensity, strength. His voice has the power to touch not just the heart and soul but the demons dwelling in the darkest corners of consciousness. The arrangement creates an excellent arena for DOGDAD's sound. The guitars, shifting from track to track, stimulate my senses. It's as if I couldn't grasp them, just as I tune into one wave, DOGDAD abruptly turns everything upside down in the next track.

This is an adventure through the world of emotions, and there's no better catalyst for awakening than the album "SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY." And, my friends, this is a debut. DOGDAD's debut album, and here it is already gaining a loyal fan in me—what about you? This album can be seen not only as a leap towards freedom but also as the epitome of perfect punk-core. Its versatility in sound makes this release a great choice for stadiums or intimate clubs, whether through your speakers or headphones. "SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY" will sound top-notch anywhere it's played. Hiding under the mask of a certain unease, which is the red thread running through the entire release, DOGDAD conceals his name and face. This stands in contrast to the music industry where faces become brands, and then music follows suit. Well, it's bold, cool, and commands respect. DOGDAD took this risk and did it right, I think. This is how true art is born, in the shadows, in expression, in mystery and seclusion, touching not just my heart but the hearts of all listeners free from "puppet-commercial" stereotypes. This is how "SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY" by DOGDAD should embody the independent industry, and these are the kind of musicians who change it.

So, DOGDAD, I have to say, your release is truly powerful. It generates thoughts, emotions, and feelings in my mind that I didn't plan on experiencing today! Ha! The strength and passion of independent music in your debut release truly create a palpable experience. It's incredibly cool, you know that? And to all readers and fans of different and awesome music, I recommend listening to the album "SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY" and supporting DOGDAD because this release truly deserves attention and respect. It was awesome, and I might just give it another spin myself, and I advise you to, friends!


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