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Sweet Rum & RY - Better Days

Dear lover of amazing pop rhythms! When I first heard the EP 'Better Days' by Sweet Rum & RY, I was filled with a sense of delight. You know, it's that feeling that arises from notes, melodies, and chords, grabs your hand, and leads you into its vibrant world. Sweet Rum & RY seem to know the secret code to success, releasing a collection of tracks designed to give everyone on the planet a bit of happiness and joy, tuning us into the belief that no matter how dark life may seem, the best is yet to come. The EP consists of 4 tracks, and each track encapsulates a philosophy meant to uplift spirits and remind us of bright prospects. 'Better Days' is a voice of hope and a call to live life with full awareness of the moment.

In every chord, Sweet Rum & RY emphasize that happiness is not just a destination but also a journey. They embody their idea in 'Better Days' through bright and breezy instruments, summer rhythms, magical and light voices that seem to hint that once we start dancing, there's no looking back. Release all your troubles because we're starting the healing from the very first track, 'Allure.' I appreciate how the initial track truly embodies a comforting philosophy. The music in this track is like a beam of light in a dark space, portraying an image of hope and resilience. It convinces us that a future filled with light and joy lies ahead, urging us to persist through all difficulties. 'Better Days' not only instills faith in positive changes but also fills us with the energy necessary for life. Even if we don't consider the track within the EP concept, the melody itself is rich with a vibrant motif, perfect rhythm, hook-driven melody development, and, importantly, Sweet Rum & RY managed to achieve a crystal-clear sound through impeccable mixing and production. The next track, 'Stay,' is like a neon cocktail where vocals float above the pop dance melody, poised to burst into the ultimate life party. Oh, it's incredibly uplifting, and the deep bass pierces the heart, setting the tone for the entire sound. I adore this track! I like the diverse beginnings of tracks that tempt me to close my eyes and immerse myself in daydreams.

In the track 'Cerulean,' the sweet and misty start creates a sensation of a foggy club where bright neon lights are directed solely at me. There's something special, sensual, and unique in the sound. The applause intensifies the immersion, as if transporting me into various situations filled with the sparkle of glamour, recognition, and happiness. I feel like the applause is an allegory for gratitude for achieving success, for courage and resilience, for a struggle that ended in triumph. Can you believe I get goosebumps? How often do we feel unconditional joy and support? Friends, family, our own subconscious... But through music? That's trickier, yet Sweet Rum & RY unquestionably manage this. The magnificent production of each track makes listening effortless and enjoyable, turning each track into an anthem for your best day. The final track, 'Can't Help Falling In Love,' is a masterpiece of mixing and production. The multitude of instruments, rhythms, harmonies (oh, I hear how many tracks were there, dude, it's just incredible!), the melody's development, the concept, and the style... Everything in the concluding track is perfect. It's like a fireworks display after the best party, leaving a sweet aftertaste and lasting memories in the mind.

So, Sweet Rum & RY, thank you for the intricate work you've put into the EP. I listen to your music and it feels good, you know? I'm filled with genuinely bright and positive feelings and emotions that warm the heart. Your EP's music can be enjoyed everywhere, anywhere - through headphones in any corner of the planet, in the car, at a club, or dancing to it in a stadium. It sounds perfect everywhere, and that's all thanks to you. Oh, it was incredible, wasn't it? Dear reader and listener, have you already listened to the EP 'Better Days'? Then quickly add it to your playlist because, as Sweet Rum & RY say through their music, everything will be alright! Definitely!

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