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The Kid and I - Heart Strings

London-based alternative rock band The Kid and I released a single called "Heart Strings". The song is driven by a heavy guitar riff that sets the tone for the passionate vocals that follow.

Detailing a failing relationship, the song addresses obsession, heart break and self worth, mixed in with heavy Queens Of The Stone Age sounding guitars, thunderous drums and Queen inspired vocals, this is The Kid and I at their heaviest and most raw yet. With an array of influences from Foo Fighters to Elliot Smith, The Kid and I explore hard hitting subjects accompanied by catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms.

The singer's raw and vulnerable delivery captures the intensity of these emotions, while the powerful instrumentation underscores the song's sense of urgency and passion. The driving guitar, emotive vocals, and insightful lyrics combine to create a compelling and deeply felt musical experience. So let's turn this track on and rock it?


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