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The Lady, The Swallow, The Sorceress by Magali, a Cult

Dear listener of conceptual sci-fi pop music, I have found for you a New York City-based visual artist, Magali, a Cult, who creates genuine visual and audio art. Nestled in the heart of the creative flow, like in an endless forest of possibilities and creative energy, Magali, a Cult has crafted a debut album in four parts titled 'The Lady, The Swallow, The Sorceress,' set to release on Feb. 3, 2024, on all digital platforms this spring. But before delving into the debut release, allow me to tell you about Magali, A Cult that is more important than ever. Creating authentic visual and audio art, Magali, a Cult combines striking live performances with her narrative, turning her shows into performances with attributes and an almost mystical immersion into sound. Magali, a Cult performs as if she disconnects from the world, immerses herself in the music, and within the cosmic flow of music, her performances transform into a space between worlds. All of this is cloaked in cosmic pop synth music, merging contemporary sci-fi pop sound with innovative dark synth ambient sounds.

The release of the album 'The Lady, The Swallow, The Sorceress' by Magali, a Cult, is accompanied by music videos created by artists and designers in 3D modeling, and this approach makes her music absolutely contemporary and filled with the refreshing coolness of digital space. You will hear this from her first track, opening the album, 'Listen,' and you will particularly experience immersion into a new musical world with the video that is already available. It's as if you are completely transported into the realm of neon cybernetic sound, where the beats possess passion, power, and construct a new world of Magali, a Cult. The album consists of 13 tracks, each possessing its unique energy and power. For example, you will be enchanted by tracks like 'The Note Read' and 'Sorceress/Chant.' Let me unveil a bit of the mystery. These are ultra-modern tracks where darting beats and the atmosphere of hypnotic ambient mesmerize. The monologues on the album are created for your emotions to sway from confusion to the realization of self, for plunging into the darkness of the cosmic matrix until searching for light amidst the impenetrable darkness. These feelings will accompany you through the world created by Magali, a Cult. Stylish and powerful rhythms and beats seem to draw you into a digital world where neon networks form a trap, but the only light and your hope for salvation are the whispered voice of Magali, a Cult.

One of the most crucial elements of the album is the vocals and voice. It ranges from deep and melancholic to magical and light, as in the track 'Real And Whole And Leaving,' where it blends with the powerful and strong rhythm, sending shivers down the spine. While listening to the album, you involuntarily realize that you're undergoing a true journey from immersion to despair, from the feeling of joy and hope to ultimately experiencing a sense of liberation and joy that fills every sound in the album, as in the track 'Come With Me.' The album's finale seems to allow you to fully surrender to each moment of sound. The track "It Is (The End)" embodies true creative freedom, filled with perfect sound, powerful dark style, and an ideal atmosphere that mesmerizes and completely engulfs. Incredibly impressive! Also, Magali, a Cult, complemented the release with a mesmerizing short animated film series and an immersive art exhibition piece. The meticulously crafted world of Magali, a Cult is unparalleled, and within this world, every art enthusiast will find something to their liking. Uniting every sphere of art with neon threads, Magali, a Cult gives birth to a new world of the future. I am absolutely amazed and eagerly anticipating the release because such an enormous effort deserves incredible success.

So, Magali, a Cult, thank you for making the world better, deeper, and expanding the boundaries of consciousness for everyone who touches your art and will touch the album 'The Lady, The Swallow, The Sorceress.' I am thrilled with your music. From track to track, I experienced completely different emotions, only to finally yield and completely surrender to the movement of your music. I will be eagerly awaiting the release and keeping an eye on all announcements of new videos and your concerts. I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to attend your show because it's just amazing. Love it!

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