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Everything by The Ram

Dear listener, reader, my friend! Can you imagine that I am in a state of complete bewilderment due to the boundless world of Mark "The Ram" O'Donnell that has opened up before me? You know, it always happens when artists meet by fate (intervention, luck?) whose music has the power to change one’s view of the world and draws attention to aspects of life taken for granted. But it is in what seems ordinary, habitual, and insignificant that the meaning lies, which changes one’s worldview. I had such a revelation when I delved into the story of The Ram, beginning with his new single “Everything”. The title itself reflects philosophical thinking, but let's discuss everything in order.

The Ram is an independent artist based in Carlsbad, CA. In the cool, pumping rhythms of Americana country music, I heard a message to enjoy, be grateful, and embrace life from its brighter side. I felt this through the hypnotic and sweet rhythms of “Everything”. This is the lead track of The Ram’s upcoming album, written in the company of friends and family in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I would also like to highlight the musicians who perform and create music with The Ram, who are an integral part of the beloved, and loved by many around the world, sound: the roots-groove of Leon Russell, the introspection of Leonard Cohen, and the unique voice and vision of Tom Waits. Now, I suggest you simply start playing the release right now, which includes the main track, a shorter version, and an instrumental track, and continue reading while listening to “Everything” by The Ram. The smoothness of the melody, its rhythmic flow, and the nearly sensual, slightly raspy vocal quality of The Ram completely captivate me. Targeted at a broad audience and exploring the multifaceted nature of surf culture, the single possesses an attractive laid-back vibe on one hand, and an intriguing subtext on the other. The Ram says, “Our ability to find beauty in the world around us is a gift. It's the very definition of art, and at the core of thinking that translates tragedy, pain, and loss into something that helps us grow.“ I wholeheartedly support this line of thought!

Until now, I had not encountered tracks that carried such a clear vision of their philosophy, yet directed at each listener. This distinguishes "Everything" by The Ram. No matter where you live, how old you are, what you believe, or what traditions you absorbed in childhood - The Ram resonates with equal inspiration. I must confess to you that before encountering The Ram, I did not pay attention to the fact that having the ability to rejoice in each day, in nature, in the love of family and friends is a gift. Not everyone can find beauty in this, as the concept of taking things for granted exists in the world. It seems to me that it is in this contrast that the truth is born, which The Ram’s music brings to the world. The sense of growth, knowledge, and inspiration clings to me. After listening to "Everything" several times, I felt such a surge of warmth and inspiration that it's hard to believe it was just the first track. I've saved the sweetest for last. The Ram released a music video for the release, and it's pure relaxation. Turn it on. Watch, listen, connect with the world, and catch the easygoing vibes of carefree happiness and love through The Ram's music. What's next? Oh, I want to hear it!

Hey The Ram! Thank you for releasing such intriguing music. I appreciate how you explore philosophical themes like gratitude and nature (even your stage name reflects this!), acceptance, and the emergence of art through pain - two aspects that are hard to highlight through music. Yet, you manage to do so with your excellent country sound. I understand what a complex task this is! Well, I'm truly enchanted by you. I've seen that you are inspired by your home, family, and memories. This is very touching, and I think it’s why your music sounds so warm, gentle, and with a special love for life. I'll definitely show your release to all my friends and tell them about the music you make. Love it!

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