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Theo & Brenna - Burn Down the Sun

The single "Burn Down the Sun" is a real caring sound that penetrates the very heart and makes flowers bloom in it. Softness, tenderness, love and harmony are saturated with the music of Theo & Brenna.

Born and raised in Winchester, KY, sibling duo Theo and Brenna MacMillan led quite the eventful childhood as two of twelve children.

Their love for music was instilled in them at a young age; alongside their other siblings they were able to cultivate and hone their crafts.

Their effortless vocal blend, top notch musicianship and ability to create straight from the heart music is quickly garnering Theo & Brenna traction in the Bluegrass and Americana music scene.

The Theo & Brenna Band have spent the past year bringing their dynamic live show to cities across the southeast. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Glen Campbell, Emmylou Harris, the Osborne Brothers and Bill Monroe, Theo & Brenna bring a pure and intentional sound through heartfelt songwriting and smooth family harmonies.

So I'm already meditating and immersing myself in the best memories of the sweat track "Burn Down the Sun". Why are you still waiting for him? :)


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