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Theredspirit - Glimpse of Us (Joji Cover)

Hey, music fans, I've got a real gem of an indie track for you!

A very light, almost demo-like cover track, "Glimpse of Us (Joji Cover)" by Theredspirit. It's something incredible, delicate, and straight from the heart of indie acoustic vibes.

This cover is like a magical part of the original, shimmering with its refined beauty. The soft rhythm immerses you in a weightless state, and the vocals convey the sense of real sound and a live performance. I love it!

P.S. Hey, Theredspirit! Thanks for this wonderful cover! It's like a musical embrace, adding new shades to the original. I especially fell for the chorus... it reminds me of an anime opening, hehe

~ Yours sincerely, SoundVille


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