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Thomas Charlie Pedersen - Employees Must Wash Hands

If you've ever longed to embark on a contemplative journey, then the music of Thomas Charlie Pedersen and the album 'Employees Must Wash Hands' is destined to become your favorite. This remarkable chamber orchestral folk album was crafted by the talented Danish brothers, Thomas Charlie and Daniel Pedersen from Copenhagen. It feels as though an extraordinary thread of destiny led these brothers to create music, and through fortunate circumstances, we now have the opportunity to experience the incredible and magnificent music that they have brought forth in their album, 'Employees Must Wash Hands.'

As soon as you press play on the first track, 'Yesterdays and Silly Ways,' you'll immediately realize that listening to this album is an immense pleasure and the best decision of the day. The music emanates a comforting warmth, and the voices of the musicians blend in perfect harmony. The captivating solo performances on wind instruments have truly captured my heart. I must admit, this is a novel experience for me.

'Oh, Whatever' sets the standard for folk music, with every element flawlessly executed. The backing vocals add an ethereal touch, while the rhythmic patterns keep the track grounded. In 'Slow Passage,' the abundance of guitar hooks and the captivating solo are infused with retro influences, creating an irresistible vibe. Moving on to 'Rains on Saturn,' gentle piano and ambient tones harmonize with the main vocals, enticing you to close your eyes and immerse yourself in a tranquil world of contemplation.

I find myself captivated by the immersive experience of 'Coarse Rasp of Yore.' 'Mass in D Minor' takes a different direction, pulling me out of the cozy atmosphere. It feels as if I've plunged into the depths of the ocean, with a distant voice urging me not to give up echoing in my ears.

As we reach the middle of the album, the musicians take a different direction, evoking a sadder and more tense atmosphere. However, this change doesn't diminish the album's captivating charm, as exemplified by the track 'Fiddler & The Travesty.' It's my personal favorite, featuring a melancholic arrangement and soulful vocals reminiscent of an opera accompanied by a live orchestra. In the very next track, 'You Can't Have It Both Ways,' the sun rises again, bringing a sense of lightness through its enchanting guitar melody and multi-layered vocals that strike the most delicate chords of the soul.

The album reaches its pinnacle towards the end. 'Tremble and Reel,' 'Night of Stars,' and 'Organ Prayer (In E Flat)' to me, feel like integral parts of a single performance that is utterly captivating. They are interconnected through their sound, ideas, and mood. If you have a fondness for classical organ music, 'Organ Prayer (In E Flat)' will surely become your favorite, compelling you to put it on repeat throughout the day—it's simply perfect!

'Worry Beads' and 'Beach in Vietnam' embrace a minimalistic and intimate atmosphere, carrying a sense of lightness. The musicians enrich their treasury of sounds by incorporating synthetic notes and a heavenly choir. The final track, 'Stagnant Pools Of Sorrow,' resonates in a minor key, seamlessly blending into the orchestral arrangement. It invites the listener to compose their own symphony of thoughts and delve into the depths of their most intimate contemplations.

So, 'Employees Must Wash Hands' is a profound reimagining of life, values, and the interplay between joy and pain. After listening, I found myself in awe, deeply moved by the immense talent of the musicians, their unique vision of the music world, and their flawless sense of rhythm and harmonies. It feels like I have stumbled upon a pure embodiment of a classic. Simply turn it on and let yourself be immersed in contemplation.


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