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Tim Voilhat - Cooladdi Sky

Immerse yourself in the neon cosmic clouds of the track "Cooladdi Sky" by Tim Voilhat. The soft sound of the track seems to defy gravity for the next 3 minutes, inviting you to dive into a dreamy mood.

The feeling of weightlessness, the desire to dissolve among the clouds, is so palpable in every sound of the track that it sends shivers down your spine. If you dream of music that can make you the hero of a romantic story in your imagination, then Tim Voilhat's music is for you. The track's ability to evoke a sense of romanticism and imagination is truly enchanting. It's as if the music paints a vivid, starlit backdrop for your own unique love story, inviting you to be the protagonist in a tale of emotions and connections.

P.S. Hey, Tim Voilhat! Thank you for releasing such sensuous and tender music that can simply disconnect us from the world and fill us with tenderness. This is so cool!


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