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Dear listener of the perfect alt-hip-hop sound and powerful hardcore, today I will tell you about SEER SEEKER, who sweeps away boundaries and norms, creating a completely new era of hip-hop music. SEER SEEKER has an amazing ability to sense trends. Why? Because his debut album "TO THE CORE" reflects everything the world is feeling right now. Power, heaviness, incredible lyrical sound, dark and powerful hip-hop with a hint of hardcore make up this stunning release. His impeccable style and strong lyrics instantly penetrate under your skin and make you feel every new track. Get ready, because the music on this album creates a truly cinematic sound. I suggest not delaying any longer and start listening to the amazing and powerful debut "TO THE CORE".

The album kicks off with the intro "STARLIGHT," which, with its delicate keys and light lo-fi rustle, creates such a soft atmosphere, offering... a backstory? SEER SEEKER's voice floats over the melody with light pop motifs, but don't be fooled, dear listener, get ready, because in the next tracks, your world will be seized by the metallic power of SEER SEEKER's music. "CHASE GOLD STAY COLD" with its incredibly recitative and rocking beat will tune you in for a real treat of cool music. It's stylish and contemporary. In the album, SEER SEEKER builds up a truly dark atmosphere. Track “GONE TOO LONG”, damn, gives me a sense of dark cyberpunk, maybe even steampunk, where there's pain, injustice, and only SEER SEEKER's music possesses that saving grace that those who seek peace cling to. Heavy beats, booming textures, SEER SEEKER's rocking recitative leave no options - hearing it once, you'll become a fan of this track. It's as if SEER SEEKER has taken all the power of our world and completely subjugated it to ensure that each track sounds like a confession, like a scream, and a real powerful statement of self. Then, "LIGHT IT UP," emphasizes SEER SEEKER's hypnotic sound.

The dark beat, the commercial development of the track seems to flirt, but only to break free from the standard tone and fully burst into fiery power. Oh, how cool that was! A real experiment with hardcore hip-hop sound that will make you a fan of this sound, even if you preferred other music before. So, be cautious! The album "TO THE CORE" and SEER SEEKER's performance have an extremely captivating effect. I warned you, and we continue! I adore "ALL THE WAY", it gives me goosebumps, damn. It's like all the previous tracks were leading precisely to this explosion of emotions and just killer screams from SEER SEEKER. The final tracks "ANIMAL SPIRITS" and "FOUND IT" don't offer us a chance to catch our breath or any other nonsense, no! Pure fire and blood in "ANIMAL SPIRITS" continue to build up the minor atmosphere with textured vocals and strong recitative and lyrics, while the track "FOUND IT" claims the right to rise above the world and burst into a bright fireworks of new, commercial hip-hop sound. A vivid conclusion that brings feelings into order, returns to reality, and leaves space for future SEER SEEKER releases. WOW, THAT WAS INSANE!

So, SEER SEEKER, thank you for your incredibly stylish music. In today's world, certainly painted in barbie-colors la-la-la, there still reigns that same powerful and neon-lit hip-hop sound that you've taken to a whole new level. You know this, right? Every track, your sound in it, lays bare the bones of the world and puts them on display for all to see, and damn, that's so cool. You know, I haven't heard before that the climax happened in the middle, not at the very end. And I absolutely loved it! After listening, I'm burning, I'm charged, I feel like I want to replay. Well, I'm absolutely conquered.

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