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TOMMASO - Ain't Comin'IN

TOMMASO is a songwriter, producer, and artist from Chicago, IL. Having worked behind the scenes for a multitude of artists both on the road and in the studio, TOMMASO takes center stage in his newly launched solo endeavor.

'Ain't Comin'In' is a delightful and soothing melody that can be enjoyed endlessly on repeat. Its groovy rhythm sets the perfect mood for dancing, allowing you to escape the clamor of the city. This incredibly personal and pleasant song evokes a profound sense of serenity.

Self-recorded and self-produced throughout, his singles look to toe the line between the bright and euphoric side of lofi-rock with the catchiness of indie-pop to create instantly captivating earworms chocked full of sun-kissed vibes. This new project was launched as a platform for TOMMASO to not only showcase his songs and unique production style, but to also serve as a cathartic outlet for what he wants to do at his own pace.

So, the latests single 'Ain't Comin'In' by TOMMASO is truly remarkable and masterfully crafted. The solo in particular is brilliant, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. What's that? You haven't listened to it yet? Oh, you absolutely must! Trust me, you'll fall in love with the vibe it offers!


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