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TUSHAR - Bloodshot Eyes

Dear lover of light indie pop music,

The track "Bloodshot Eyes" by TUSHAR seems to gaze ahead to the beach-surf season, when warmth caresses the skin, and the wind whispers in the mind. You know, it's truly a cool track that drives away winter... and even spring too!

Feel the summer with every fiber of your being while listening to "Bloodshot Eyes." It's like I'm transported to those days when carefree walks with ice cream and Ferris wheel rides blend into cool evenings, verandas, and warm tea. Well, maybe I'm romanticizing, but it's all about this sound. Give it a spin, try it out. What do you see?

P.S. Hey, TUSHAR! Thank you for producing music that captivates, captures every moment, and mentally transports us to the most pleasant moments in life. This is cool! You're cool!

~ Yours sincerely,



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