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Twenty Years by Noisy Vertigo

Dear listener and reader, today I suggest you arm yourself with your best headphones or turn up the speakers, ask your neighbors to step out because we're about to listen to the album "Twenty Years" by Noisy Vertigo. You know, the style of Noisy Vertigo is unique, free. Slightly rough and textured, the sound on the album "Twenty Years" crosses the line and boundary of freedom, opening up new impressions of the musical experience to every listener. Oh yes, the album "Twenty Years" is a true new musical experience in which rock sound acquires soft textures, resonant groove, and unrestrained drive. Do you need a pause in your fast-paced life? Noisy Vertigo suggests doing it right now, listening to their new release, and immersing yourself in the conceptual story of the release. In 11 tracks, Noisy Vertigo invites every listener to delve into the essence of 20-year relationships, where love transforms into its best aspects, where there is no place for hatred and difficulties, only love and the joy of family upbringing remain. I can't help but mention that shades, strokes, and semitones are added by Big Muff, a Whammy, and the ethereal nuances of a Plasma Coil pedal. Well, I suggest starting the listening right now and fully surrendering to this stunning and groovy rock sound on the album.

You will be slightly thrown off by the first track "Beth," which sounds light, slightly carefree, and a bit rough around the edges. The vocals seem to be run through a megaphone, but isn't that the sound's charm that immediately grabs you and leads to the next track, "Bloody Kisses"? And from this moment, the real drive begins, where guitars roar, squeezing out their most fiery, juicy, and stylish sound. I adore the drive that Noisy Vertigo masters perfectly. It's as if he knows how rock music should sound, captivating the heart and knocking everything in its path. Like a breath of fresh air, a break after the show, the track "We Had Some Lovely Days" with its perfect choirs and gripping vocals dissolves consciousness. As if night has fallen, the most sensual, with the moon brightly raised in the sky, and only it illuminates everything around. This track is the perfect ballad that creates texture, movement, and adds air to the album, making it memorable. But so you don't get bored, the next track "Fuck Off" is heavy, powerful perfect punk rock that completely changes the direction of the sound. I'm crazy about this track, are you? You know, there's something wild about it, something that lifts the crowd and leads forward. Commercial vocals, perfect groove, insane guitars, and screams inject energy into the blood, and by the middle of the track, you'll either be nodding your head or singing along. If not, then the next track "Who is Bad Now" adds fuel to the fire, and here you succumb to the seductive groove.

In the album "Twenty Years," there are quite sharp shifts in sound, sometimes unrestrained groove, sometimes a light warm-up, sometimes acoustic tracks that torment the soul. Isn't this what creates the sensation of constantly shifting emotions, resolving different situations in relationships? It seems to me that it is precisely through this approach that one could reflect the concept laid down by Noisy Vertigo. After all, isn't that the case? Sometimes we boil with passion and emotions, sometimes we need a quiet corner, a fireplace, and warmth with understanding. Exactly such bright, kind, and tender feelings resonate in the track "J'ai laissé une femme". Gentle keys, enchanting and melodious French, female vocals in this track sound more vividly, clearly, and add airiness and brightness to the sound. Despite the slight minor and melancholy, I love this track for its soulfulness, warmth, and kindness. The album concludes on such a note with the tracks "Summer Rain" and "Twenty Years". Light country? Americana? There's something incredibly familiar in the track "Summer Rain" that immediately makes this track so cozy. Noisy Vertigo turns to a new style and genre, adding new layers and sounds to the sound to finally astound. The final track "Twenty Years" has absorbed everything powerful, bold, and unrestrained. The rocking rhythm, drums, guitar vocals all blaze in the finale, under which you want to forget and enjoy every moment of listening. Absolutely stunning!

So, Noisy Vertigo, thank you for releasing such amazing rock music that immediately sinks into the heart. Your music has a special atmosphere, you know, when I heard it, I felt something familiar, as if I could allow myself to enjoy the sound and let it into my heart. It's incredibly precious! I'm amazed by the perfect dynamics in the album. The 11 tracks flow like one story, without overloading with heavy music. There's always a chance to catch your breath, gather strength, and enjoy with renewed vigor. Cool! And also... the mix! In the last track, you triggered a volcano eruption somewhere in the Pacific, haha. Incredible drive, and everything sounds simply flawless. I'll show it to all my friends, let them listen to real rock!

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