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Valust - Galliard

The talented and versatile producer Valust has released a new dark rock single, "Galliard." feat. Rachel Crick. Every note, sound, and moment of the track exudes exceptional rock music, which Valust takes to a new level of sound.

The track 'Galliard' gracefully invades my consciousness with Rachel Crick's exquisite female rock vocals, evoking a profound sense of awe. The ideal tonality and production immediately immerse me in a cold, gothic wave with a hint of medieval music. The perfect combination of drums, piano, and vocals is accompanied by melancholic violins. Valust has an ear for music that other producers cannot match.

The track "Galliard" features the perfect violin solo, leaving a lasting impression with its deep sound. In addition to its high-quality sound, the musician creates an atmosphere and weaves a magnificent musical world from the notes. Rachel's vocals play a significant role in the track, breaking into multiple ethereal voices that send chills down your spine. This new release will not leave anyone indifferent and is a must-listen.

So, it feels like I've been transported into a fantasy world, where I am surrounded by endless snow, my Viking friends on horseback are by my side, swords at the ready. I experienced pure pleasure. I swear to you! And you?... Haven't you... Haven't you listened? My goodness, don't wait any longer, listen soon! It's amazing.


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