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Valust - Starlight

Music producer and composer Valust has released the first single "Starlight" from his upcoming album called "Morgenschein". Valust explores new musical horizons and unleashes the insane source of rock energy in this release.

From the first note, "Starlight" captures the attention with its pounding drums and influential guitar riffs. The energy of the song is commanding and emotive, and the vocals perfectly match the intense instrumental background. The epic nature of the song is further enhanced by its soaring chorus, which will be stuck in your head long after the song is over. The production quality of "Starlight" is top notch, with every instrument and vocal line coming through clear and distinct.

It's a testament to Valust's talent as a producer, composer and versatile musician who is subject to all genres of music. "Starlight" is a true rock anthem that will leave you feeling energized and motivate. So don't wait another second and turn it on!


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