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What It Meant? by Buzhold

Dear listeners and readers, stop everything you're doing right now! I have amazing news for you! I stumbled upon something so cool that I just have to share it with you. From Tallinn, with love, comes the band Buzhold, consisting of astounding musicians: Edvin (guitar/vocals), Christofer (guitar), Art (bass), and Kristofer (drums). And today, on February 12th, Buzhold is bursting into the industry with their debut album "What It Meant?" Buzhold's debut release, also the first official release on Noon Records label, foretells rich plans to conquer hearts worldwide. And indeed, Buzhold knows how to burst in with such a style that they will simply leave you stunned. The album "What It Meant?" consists of 9 tracks, each rich in textures, sound, experimentation, and icy guitar riffs that tear the soul apart. Powerful and stylish, heavy and poignant, the sound on the album will flow from track to track, changing your mood and immersing you into its unique world. It's just something incredible! The vocals on the album take on various flows, styles, and add sincerity to the sound. The fusion of grunge, alt rock, shoegaze - and this is just the beginning of Buzhold's journey, which will surely captivate you with its sound. I suggest diving into the sound of the album right now, and you will see for yourself that this is the album you've been waiting for.

Protest and revolution, in the first track "Why So Gloomy?", intentionally distorted sound adds a dash of passion and freshness, drawing attention to the roots of grunge music and shoegaze. And at this moment, we understand that Buzhold doesn't just play music - they're sparking a revolution in our hearts. Then the sound delves into the abyss of perfect punk and grunge in "Decode". Drawing from the roots of grunge, the vocal line finds inspiration from Kurt Cobain, but the overall sound maintains Buzhold's unique style. The album continues to explore heavy sound, transitioning into a slow groove in "Morlort". And it's impossible not to sway to the rhythm of the sluggish and heavy sound. This adds textures and style to the overall sound of the album, which lingers in the mind for a long time. I must confess, I am absolutely thrilled by the emotions on the album. It features perfect movement of sound, textures, and rhythm, setting a high bar for all future Buzhold releases. You'll feel the darkness and melancholy seep in with the final tracks "Can You Share?" and "Don't Mind". In the track "Can You Share?", intentionally distorted sound creates a sensation of something new, strange, and foreign, giving Buzhold's sound such a stylish and uniquely flavored taste. You know, it's like finding yourself inside your own consciousness and waking up. A real hurricane of astounding grunge will ignite your blood.

The final track "Don't Mind" will bring a slight relief, adding at the beginning a lightened alt rock sound, yet the edge of consciousness awaits a bright culmination. The most touching, stylish, and powerful track, which with its final powerful chord showcases all the power that spreads like flame throughout the album's sound. Flawless. And what particularly delights me is that all this power and style of the album "What It Meant?" are saturated with Estonian flair! It's some new level of explosive rock, permeated with the soul and culture of Tallinn. This is the fresh wind of change we've been waiting for so long! Hit replay, subscribe to Buzhold, keep an eye on the label's artists because I feel there's something powerful brewing in the rock industry. So, friends, if you haven't heard of Buzhold and their album "What It Meant?" yet, you really should do it right now! Their music is just something you have to hear to believe.

So, Buzhold, your music is simply unrestrained and stunning. The perfect blend of genres has created a new sound that's both recognizable and innovative at the same time. I'm blown away by the drive and power in every note. Incredible! You guys rock, heh. Your live performances must be a real blast, the kind of energy true rock music fans have been longing for. Hopefully, someday I'll also get the chance to attend one of your concerts and rock out to the fullest! But for now, I'm off to play this album again, and I might just crank up the volume a notch!

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