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White Swan by Filip Karol

Dear listener, I will never tire of listening to the track "White Swan" by Filip Karol. You know, it's like love at first sight that melts into the heart, soul, and mind, and there's no turning back. Like fine wine, with its tangy notes and sweet vocals, Filip Karol creates music that has no equals.

Oh, indeed, it's truly difficult to find the same sincerity, sensuality, and sweetness that lingers in the soul after listening. It seems to me that every instrument Filip Karol used for the recording was delicately processed to create an aesthetic and cinematic sound.

Following the call of tones and lyrics, a tear slides down the cheek as unexpectedly as rain begins on a sunny day. And, you know, it's all about the vocals. The languid and velvety baritone, seasoned with a hint of pop sound, makes this track so appealing and memorable.

So, Filip Karol, I am absolutely thrilled by your music! You know, I absolutely adore the guitar at the beginning, its slow and almost minor sound that dissolves into the hum of echo and ambiance. I am bewildered, and my feelings oscillate from light to darkness, from joy to sadness. It's too intimate, too sensual, too personal, too captivating. Thank you for releasing such unique and stunning music that once heard, I want to listen to again... and again... and again. Like the best wine, once tasted, you can never forget!


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