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Wodan Boys - Fun Fact

Dear listener of the perfect punk sound,

Drop everything you're doing, what are you doing there? Tune into "Fun Fact" by Wodan Boys and hit pause on life. You know, that sense of freedom, drive, and the absence of worries immediately seeps into your skin with this perfect punk groove.

Did you guys find the secret to the perfect punk sound? You are fire. I'm swept away by the wave of your energy, even through headphones. What do you do with the crowd at your concerts? It's hard for me to imagine, but I'm sure the crowd needs to be cooled down with icy water from a hose because your music is simply mind-blowing and electrifying!

P.S. Wodan Boys, thank you for your drive and style, for your full commitment to sound and punk. You're incredibly cool, and the track "Fun Fact" proves it. It's all perfectly balanced in it. How can one get to your concert? Oh, God, I do.

~ Yours sincerely,



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