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Yalung Tang - Departamento (bandalos chinos Cover)

Dear lover of gentle tracks,

I have found a track for you that feels like a soft cloud and pure tenderness. "Departamento (bandalos chinos Cover)" by Yalung Tang possesses such a delicate and light charm that it makes you want to close your eyes and find yourself in the warmest place on the planet.

The airy vocals and light rhythm create the perfect recipe for an excellent acoustic experience, and Yalung Tang knows how to make this recipe unforgettable. I think it's been a long time since you've heard such tender melodies. Just close your eyes and enjoy! It's so wonderful!

P.S. Hey Yalung Tang! Thank you for creating such gentle, light, and sensitive music. It's truly amazing! Keep making more, keep getting better!

Your best friend, SoundVille


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