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Enyonam is visiting Soundville

Today, we are thrilled to welcome the incredibly talented artist Enyonam, who has already captured the hearts of many music lovers. Her debut single, "Self-Conscious," has been a true revelation and has sparked a wave of interest among fans of quality and stylish soul R&B. In this track, Enyonam shines with her vocal prowess and explores deep themes of self-acceptance that resonate with many listeners. We'll dive into Enyonam's creative journey and what drives her to craft such memorable and captivating music. This interview is bound to be as candid and enlightening as her music.

Hey Enyonam, first off, congrats on the huge success of your debut single "Self-Conscious!" It's amazing to see how well it's been received for a debut release.  Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

Thank you! I still can’t believe I dropped my first single. It’s an exciting time and I’m so grateful for all of the incredible feedback I’ve received so far. 

“Self-Conscious” was definitely inspired by my introverted side. As an introvert, I often find myself feeling self-conscious, especially in social situations. It’s a side of my personality that a lot of people are surprised to learn about. Feeling self-conscious is such a universal feeling, yet nobody writes about it. I wanted to explore this emotion in my song because I knew others would resonate

We're absolutely vibing with the fusion of R&B, jazz, and modern beats in "Self-Conscious." It's like a musical cocktail that just hits all the right spots! Can you walk us through your process of blending these diverse genres together to craft your signature sound?

I’m so glad that you’re vibing with the tune! When I sat down to start producing “Self-Conscious” I knew that I wanted to achieve a sweet blend of pop, jazz and R&B. There are lots of samples, beats and ambient elements in the song that draw on pop, while the chord structure and trap drum vibes definitely bring this song into the realm of modern R&B. I strived to bring out jazz influences through both my guitar sound and by introducing ear candy, like the sexy horn part that kicks off the song. The final result was a totally new vibe that I hadn’t expected!

Wearing both the hats of a performer and an audio engineer must give you such a unique perspective on the production process of your music. What would you say is your favorite aspect of being so deeply involved in crafting your own sound?

Wearing both the hat of a performer and audio engineer gives me a lot of control over crafting my sound. For me, the best part of filling both roles is the totally creative freedom that I get. If I hear a sound or inspiration in my head, I can sit down at my DAW and go after it. I don’t have to rely on anyone, like a producer, to bring my musical ideas to life. It’s a liberating position to be in as an artist.  

I’m so grateful for the learning and mentorship opportunities that I’ve had over the years that have helped me elevate my craft as an engineer. While it’s been a long journey, it’s amazing to now be at a point where I can confidently produce and mix my own songs.

Is there a particular moment or element of the production process that really gets your creative juices flowing?

I absolutely love mixing vocals! I’m not sure if it’s the singer in me, but I get an unhealthy amount of satisfaction from taking a raw sounding vocal and adding EQ, compression and reverb to bring the performance to life. To me, vocals are everything because they tell the story.

It's awesome to see how multi-talented you are. I know you've been playing guitar for a while now, and it seems like you've really embraced it as a part of your musical identity. How has learning the guitar influenced your songwriting process? Are there any specific ways in which picking up this instrument has opened up new avenues for your creativity?

Definitely. I’ve always loved music and singing, but it wasn’t until I started playing guitar that I was able to write my own songs. In that respect, guitar has opened up a whole world of creativity for me. Over the past few years, I’ve been studying jazz guitar which has transformed my sound and really inspired me to write and perform in the related genre of R&B. 

Your advocacy for people living with disabilities is truly commendable. It's inspiring to see how you're using your platform to make a positive impact. How do you envision inspiring other artists with disabilities through your music?

As a new artist living with lupus, an autoimmune disease, my starting point for inspiring other artists living with disabilities has been to simply tell my story. Representation is important. I want other artists to know that they’re not alone and that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your dreams. Supporting people living with disabilities has been a passion of mine for a long time and I feel privileged to have my music as a platform to give back to my community. 

You've shared the stage with some incredible Canadian artists. Is there a standout moment or performance that you hold dear to your heart?

I’m so fortunate to have shared the stage with incredible Canadian artists. For me though, what makes a performance really special is the audience. One of my favorite performances was my very first tour gig while performing as Joy Phillips. We stopped in a small town in Quebec and the gig was at this cool, rustic venue with multi-tiered seating. I could tell that I was in a community that supported the arts because the audience that night was so attentive. It was as if they were hanging onto my every word, breath, and guitar strum. I remember how inspiring it felt to be in a new place sharing my music with an audience that was so generous. It was definitely one of the moments that made me fall in love with being a musician.

With your rich musical background and diverse influences, is there a dream collaboration you'd love to pursue in the future?

One person that I would love to collaborate with is Stint, a Canadian producer and songwriter. I think that his production work with Sabrina Claudio is brilliant and would love for him to produce one of my songs. Or an album?

What's next for Enyonam? Any exciting projects or plans on the horizon that you can tease us with?

Yes! This is a really exciting time for me. Now, after releasing my debut single, I have a series of singles that I’ll be releasing throughout the year. Some that I produced, and others that are collaborations. The next single that I’m releasing is called ‘Blind.’ It’s a sultry pop/ R&B track about love and betrayal. I made it with the incredibly talented Iranian producer, Homayoun Sehat. I loved how the song turned out so much that I produced an acoustic version. So I will be releasing both versions over the coming months. To stay up to date on all of the fun things I have in store for 2024, don’t forget to follow me on social media! 

When you're looking to just get away from it all and find some peace and quiet, where's your favorite spot in nature to escape to?

I always feel so grounded when I’m near the ocean. I think it’s because the vastness of the ocean reminds me that I’m just one tiny person on this giant, beautiful planet that we are so fortunate to live on. Also, because I grew up in Prince Edward Island, the ocean makes me feel at home. Now as a Torontonian it’s hard to make it to the beach, but when I do, I cherish these moments.


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