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Alchemy by Donata

Dear listener of cool, light, and stylish albums. I was lucky to discover an amazing singer, songwriter, and just incredibly stylish person - Donata, and her new album "Alchemy". I would like to say a few words about Donata and the creation of the album because the backstory is an important part of the release. You see, after releasing her first album "Imaginary Land", on which a whole team and label worked, Donata felt the need to dissolve into the music and take full control herself. You know, I really understand that! And thanks to this decision (not an easy one!) to take on all aspects from creation, recording in a home studio, releasing, to promotion, the album "Alchemy" appeared in the world of indie acoustic music. Creating the new album, Donata completely surrendered to the process. Each track is infused with all of Donata's emotions. Her experiences, pain, fears, hopes, joys, and everything that accompanied Donata throughout the creation of the release. I liked how Donata herself described the concept of the album as "a real-time documentation of my experiences". And, damn it, that turns the release into crystal that you want to enjoy and cherish. In 10 hypnotic acoustic tracks, Donata reveals herself as an incredible lyricist, a stunning vocalist, and producer, because each track sounds incredibly stylish and high quality.

You'll hear a high level of sound from the very first track, "A Song About Being In Love," which gives me goosebumps. The gentle flow of the melody and the incredibly light vocals remind me of a spring breeze lightly touching the skin. It really sends shivers down my spine and significantly raises the album's bar. Perhaps it's because each track seems to be soaked in molten emotions, so every word sounds so profound. The subtle blending of styles and genres in the track "Winter Solstice" adds to the uniqueness of its sound. I love how Donata plays with contrasts. The light, relaxed, and sensual vocals, along with multiple backing vocals, flow over a fairly fast and rhythmic melody. It possesses such a magical atmosphere that captivates even during the next track, "Façade." If you close your eyes and let your thoughts drift, you'll feel a sense of light hypnotic pleasure because each track seems connected to the next. It creates a seamless immersion into the sound and the stories that Donata tells. I can't help but mention the track "Long Time"! Brace yourselves... because this is a track Donata recorded live.

Guitar and vocals simultaneously, oh, how cool! I think it's at this moment that all boundaries between the listener and Donata, between her sound and soul, are completely blurred. It's this intimacy and sense of kinship with the themes and melodies that make the music beloved. In the album "Alchemy," there's an excellent atmosphere that transforms from pure dreamy melancholy into a bright indie pop sound in tracks like "Easy To Leave" and "Lemonade". Undoubtedly, these are the most playful, vibrant, and rhythmic tracks that instantly imprint on the mind. Listening to "Lemonade," I didn't even notice when I started tapping my foot to the beat. It just got me!) It wasn't until somewhere in the middle of the track that I realized it. The ability to penetrate the consciousness, to captivate, distinguish, and deliver stunning emotions - that's what sets Donata's music apart. The final track, "Goodnight My Love (cu in hell)," doesn't put a "period," but an "ellipsis." As if this finale with its guitars, deep percussion and foggy atmosphere leaves a sweet aftertaste of anticipation for the next releases. Flawless!

So, Donata, thank you for releasing such a personal, deep, and sensual album. It's a big and complex decision to open your heart to strangers from all over the planet. It takes incredible strength and courage.. Despite the dreamy haze and tenderness of the release, there's passion and spark in your voice. And I really love that about it! Can I share something else with you? I have favorites from your album: the tracks "Long Time" and "Lemonade." I felt something special when listening to them. Thank you for such cool impressions! I'll add them to my playlists, show them to my friends, do everything I can to make sure people listen to your music! Love it!

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