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Doin' Life by Ben Labat

Hey, indie music enthusiast! Today, we're going to talk about one of the most significant releases of this week. To be more precise, today we'll be discussing the new album by Ben Labat, who has just released his fifth record titled "Doin' Life." Of course, we couldn't miss this event. But before we delve into the album tracks and its concept, let's talk a bit about Labat's journey. Born and raised in Louisiana, this singer-songwriter has lived quite an eventful life, and his new album fully reflects this journey. He has felt every emotion, every adventure, and now it's all reflected in his music. Yes, he has already released five studio albums and several singles, but each new release is like a new book, a new chapter in his musical wanderings.

"This is probably the most diverse and hopeful collection of songs I've released so far," says Labat himself. And it's true! His entire creative journey is full of diversity and new ideas. If you look at his entire discography, it's clear that each album has its own character, mood — it's like a separate story, yet they are all connected by some invisible thread. His music carries power and emotional charge that cannot be ignored. That's why his band is rightly considered one of the best live acts! Their performances are a true celebration of music, a powerful source of positivity and inspiration. They have the ability to transport you to another world, filled with energy and magic. Yes, my friends, it all happened back in the distant year of 2010 when Ben Labat decided to bring his energy into the world of positive emotions by founding the band "Ben Labat and the Happy Devil." Since then, quite some time has passed, and during this time, they have gifted us with four magnificent albums: "A Face for Radio," "Soapbox Anthems," "The Revival," and "Homeward," released from 2010 to 2017. Ben Labat, acting as a producer, has showcased his undeniable talent, creating songs that touch the deepest corners of our hearts and expand the musical horizon with each new release. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, whether in work or fatherhood, Ben remains a vigilant observer, capable of turning every life experience into a work of art. And now, as he returns to the stage, he brings with him the fifth studio album, "Doin' Life."

This album just radiates energy! You might think that by the fifth album, there's a chance the enthusiasm could wane, the sparks might dim. But no, guys, that's not the case here, and you'll feel it right away as soon as you hit "play" on the first track, "Telescoping Dreams." It's the perfect commercial hit that immediately grabs you with its sound. "Warhorses in Starlight" and "Doin' Life" - they're such intense modern country tracks that, in my opinion, define the sound of country in 2024. Just phenomenal! And Ben's vocals on "Doin' Life," when he transitions into a delicate falsetto, are simply delightful. This album is full of dreamy melodies, especially the track "When the World Runs out of Tomorrows," which absorbs nostalgia and retro vibes. "Rocket Heart" is a touching ballad, while "Digging Holes" and "Hanging out with Daylights" towards the end of the album transport us into the acoustic world of country, full of contemplation and dreaminess. And to wrap it all up, "A Pocket Full of Stars" ends on a positive note, reminding us that there's still so much ahead of us, and we're moving forward, carrying stars in our pockets. It's truly inspiring!

Well, Ben Labat, let's be honest: "Doin' Life" is undoubtedly one of the best albums in your impressive musical legacy. It's simply captivating, fitting for any mood, and can serve as the perfect companion on a road trip, making the journey even more vibrant. It seems to me that this record is infused with love — for music, for country, for our nation, and for all the people who call it home. It's simply stunning and undeniably inspiring. It's incredibly cool that your new album made its way to our sweet island called Soundville. Because it deserves that recognition. Albums like "Doin' Life" have the power to awaken something special within us and to make us see the world from a new perspective. Thank you for this incredible music!

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