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Pride Before The Panic by Joker's Hand

Joker's Hand, a duo consisting of musicians Kevin Kawano and Matt Lau, has encapsulated the power of alternative rock and punk, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry since its inception in 2017. They serve as a shining example of how energy and passion for music can transform the sonic landscape. Their third EP, "Pride Before The Panic," embodies everything that Joker's Hand represents: raw emotion, an emotional outburst, a storm of feelings, and sincerity infused with anxious punk lyrics. With each chord and every lyric, Joker's Hand unleashes a torrent of emotion, a primal scream against the mundane, a rebellion against the status quo. From the opening riff to the final crescendo, it's a dark ride through the depths of human emotion. Drenched in the sweat of countless hours spent honing their craft, each track on "Pride Before The Panic" pulsates with a primal energy, a visceral urgency that demands to be heard. Beneath the blistering guitars and thunderous drums lies a vulnerability, a rawness that cuts straight to the bone. It's this dichotomy that makes Joker's Hand such a force to be reckoned with, a band that's unafraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. As I first immersed myself in the sonic onslaught of "Pride Before The Panic," I was captivated by its raw intensity, its unapologetic authenticity. It's an EP that demands to be felt, to be experienced in all its chaotic glory.

The first track, "Consequence," immediately captivates me with its perfect development and dark yet gripping atmosphere. The modern production and emotionally rich lyrics seem to evoke an image of a nighttime city, permeated with rain and apprehension. Deep and sensual melodies embody a contemporary indie rock atmosphere, instantly grabbing the listener's attention. Then, in "Break The Simulation," the strength and power of the sound reach a new level, igniting with bright chords and energy. Stylish punk unfolds in powerful guitar riffs and stunning lyrics, creating an atmosphere for true escapism from the real world. I adore how in tracks like "Apparition" and "IDFWU," the escalating power and stormy alt rock style completely captivate attention, immersing one in the EP's world. It's flawless. The track "Apparition" astonishes with its stylish and unrestrained sound, powerful riffs, and breathtaking tones, while the final track "IDFWU" seems to lean towards a more gripping, mainstream pop rock sound, revealing Joker's Hand as masters of another genre. But don't relax just yet because soon enough, the sound will revert to its unrestrained punk groove, and you'll find yourself swaying along with the guitars. It's incredible, but Joker's Hand's sound seems to drive me wild. Cool!

You know, when I listen to "Pride Before The Panic," I feel like I become part of something incomprehensible, merging with the music and sensing every note as a part of my own essence. This feeling of incredible belonging to something bigger and deeper compels me to fully immerse myself in the musical experience and savor it. I'm enchanted by the sound. As I listen, I realize that I seem to have become a part of a movie. Perhaps I'm fantasizing a bit, but the title "Joker's Hand" and the stylish punk rock sound transport me (a part of me) into the DC universe. Joker's Hand's strategy in creating such a powerful emotional connection with the audience is probably based on their skillful combination of musical elements with deep and meaningful lyrics, as well as an atmosphere that completely captivates the listener's attention. Joker's Hand's music inspires not only to hear but also to feel, to immerse themselves in a particular atmosphere or story that they tell through their songs. Seriously, this is one of those EPs that make you stop and delve into every note. And you know what impressed me the most? This EP stays with you for a long time. It becomes a part of life that you can't forget.

So, Joker's Hand, thank you for producing such perfect music that hooks me. The sound, the groove, and the style, your delivery and full immersion in the sound literally tear me apart. How do you manage to be so cool? OH, I bet your concerts are incredible. I want to attend one of your performances. Will you be touring in Europe soon? Hehe Let me know about the dates, and I'll bring all my friends to experience the true pleasure of modern punk sound. I adore you!

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