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tech noir v.1 by Colin James Gordon and Thomas Molina

Dear listener of conceptual albums, I've got a release that will surely captivate you. "tech noir v.1" by Colin James Gordon and Thomas Ignacio Molina is a cinematic album consisting of 12 tracks that will take you on a journey through the lives of detective in a dystopian cyberpunk world. Before diving into the tracks themselves, allow me to elaborate on the album's concept. You see, the release "tech noir v.1" is akin to a film unfolding in the mind. Colin James Gordon and Thomas Molina have crafted a living world through synth-techno jazz, blending their music into a cocktail of solitude, steel, and the icy glow of neon lights. It's been a while since I've encountered such vibrant music with a conceptual backbone that feels reminiscent of a series or a film! At the heart of "tech noir v.1" is a lone detective, whose face remains obscured like those of the city's other inhabitants. He resides in a dystopia where it's normal to be apathetic and maintain distance from others. As he sets out to investigate a crime scene, he encounters a woman and, as the creators of the release themselves put it, “experience what we would call "love." But what would he call it?" And then... the rest is up to you, dear listener. Colin James Gordon and Thomas Molina leave the main question of "tech noir v.1" open-ended, allowing each listener to answer it for themselves. Each attentive listener can create their own narrative of events, relying solely on the perfect sound of the release and its atmosphere. Every event and emotion of the main character is fully conveyed in the album's sound, in its artwork, and in its overall tone - always deep, sometimes serene, and sometimes grim.

"its always" serves as an intro to the events, blending jazz with electronics and sharp beats, as if to underscore the mood of a dystopian world. It's a very comfortable track that seems to convey the mundane life of the main character. Then "en route" carries the melancholy and gloom of an endless neon night. I like how the mood of the saxophone's sound atmospherically changes, and the anxious electronic ambient induces a sense of fear and adds to the anxiety. These feelings are pursued and intensified in the track "pursuit of an assailant," but completely disintegrate into shimmering synth pads in the track "love theme." The melody is filled with light, as if a spotlight amidst pitch darkness singles out one person. Meanwhile, Colin James Gordon and Thomas Molina maintain the cold anxiety of the city, which is fully revealed in the intimate, almost claustrophobic track "watching tiktok and lusting after unattainable women." The rapid change of atmospheres, moods, and sounds amazes me - the cold autotune, the flickering of frames, really captures the transience of the world of information, which is shattered by reflections on the discovered "love." The track "interview with a killer" is one of the key pieces, and you can feel it in its tense sound. The distortions, techno ambience, ominous sound, and the high, almost strained notes of the saxophone give me goosebumps.

Colin James Gordon and Thomas Molina created special artwork featuring an image of an interrogation. And... oh my! It's so brilliantly intertwined. I looked at the art while listening to this track, and damn, it was perfect. It's as if the characters came to life, and it was spectacular! As the album "tech noir v.1" progresses past its midpoint, there's always a hint of something new in the tracks. Perhaps a touch of happiness or pleasure? Dreams? Something in the misty haze and the saxophone constantly brings my thoughts back to the "love" of the main character. And this sound fully unfolds in the track "a love, never really had, is lost." Clean keys, gentle electronics, and tranquility soothe the restless mind. Is this where the detective's emotions reach their climax? Hm... The album-film concludes with the track "tiktok reprise." It's like the scene after the credits roll, where the world takes on an entirely unnatural tone. This track quickens the pulse, and the abundance of high frequencies reminds me of the multitude of thoughts racing through my mind, all sounding at once. I love it! It's an incredible album that doesn't end with a period, right? It's too cool a story to just end. Too many mysteries, too few answers (I even tried connecting the track titles to find a clue, heh). I hope there's a part 2 because this was really awesome, guys.

So, Colin James Gordon and Thomas Molina, you shared a very complex and stunning piece of work. Listening to "tech noir v.1", exploring the art and the little backstory of the plot, I feel a strong sense of respect for your work and your efforts. You managed to convey the atmosphere of cyberpunk and dystopia. The blend of jazz and electronics absolutely blew me away! It's incredibly intricate, but you pulled it off. I was listening and watching the movie in my mind, and... can I share my thoughts with you a bit more? You left a question at the beginning, “experience what we would call "love." But what would he call it?... It seems to me that in a world where apathy and distance are the norm, such a feeling of the protagonist could shatter his relationship with the world. Therefore, perhaps, there are two paths - in the first option, he hides in the world of "tiktok" and continues to live a familiar life, and in the second option, he becomes the first revolutionary who changes the order of everything in this "cyber" world. Thank you for your album "tech noir v.1", which sparked my imagination and raised thoughts. It was really great! I'll show it to all my friends, let them listen to excellent music and ponder, right?

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